Muturi S.K and Company offers the following legal services in its Commercial Practice of Law

Company Secretarial

We incorporate business entities including but not limited to incorporation of local and foreign companies, NGO’s, Trusts, societies, registration of Limited Liability Partnerships, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Business Names.

Intellectual Property

We do registration of Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Patents and Trademarks. We handle infringement actions and expungement proceedings of Trademarks and other intellectual properties.

Internal Legal Audits

We do audits to the extent of an entity’s compliance to the applicable laws. We do reports on the same providing for legal risks if any and the consequential effects.

We advise our clients to adopt legal audits on such periods as agreeable in our advisory with the sole intent of avoiding potential legal risks and mitigating the legal effects.

Contracts Management

We advise, draft, review and resolve contractual disputes. We do Joint Venture Agreements, Corporate and Personal Guarantees, Share Purchase Agreements, Mergers and Acquisition Agreements, Indemnity Agreements and Franchise Agreements to mention but a few practice areas.